Searching for something fun for your kids this summer. PLAYdates provides a full day of fun for your child and friends. Our group leaders provide a fun day of play allowing kids to be kids by offering field trips to different places in NYC.

Our group leaders and founders are professional, experienced and fun. Our mission is to expose NYC to every kid even if their parents have to work on the weekend. 

We've seen many weekend childcare services where kids spend hours in front of the TV playing video games and watching movies. Why not give your kid the experience of being in NYC while promoting positive social skills by interacting with kids from all over NYC and making and maintaining friendships with them.

Upcoming field trips include: Dance Lessons in the Park, Film Lessons at the Apple Store and a fantasy day at the Sony Wonder Lab.

PLAYdates even lets your kid control his experience. Give us 2 weeks notice and your child along with 2 friends will be able to choose where and what he wants to do with our group leaders. (Perfect for families visiting NYC) 

Reply if you would like to be included on our mailing to be the first to know about upcoming field trips. 

Visit our site theplaycenter(dot)org to learn all about the PLAYdate experience!!

*For children age 4-14

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