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Published: 18 Octubre


How to fix issues if someone hacked your account and using your email address
Having your email account hacked and knowing someone is using your email address can be a very traumatising experience. Hackers can steal your identity, misuse your email account, sent inappropriate content to your friends and colleagues in your address book, the list is endless.
How to fix issues if someone using my email address
The moment you realise that your account has beenhacked, you should follow the belowmentioned steps to retrieve your email account.
• Log into your email account and access the settings options.
• Click on device activity and security events options and check on which devices has your email being accessed recently. In case you find any device which is suspicious, you can remove them fromyour access list, and this prevents any attempt of logging into your account from the restricted device.
• Restricting access to an unknown device is not enough, now you need to change your password.
• Log in to your email account. We shall use the example of Google here.
• Click on the “Forgot your password” option which is right below the box where the user is required to enter their password.
• An option will appear on the page asking you to enter any of your old passwords. Either enter any of your old passwords or click on try another way below the box where you are supposed to enter your password.
• If your 2-step verification option is activated, Google will ask you to enter your mobile number or alternate email address for verification purpose.
• If you select the option of entering your registered mobile number, Google will send a text message on your Mobile phone containing a verification code.
• You are required to enter this verification code,and Google will ask you to change your password.
• You are required to enter your new password once again to reconfirm the same.
• Using the above-listed steps, we hope you have learnt How to fix issues if someone using my email address

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