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repair in NYC in the washington Heights area, Are you having issue with your Windows Desktop or Laptop? Is your computer running slow or not turning on at all? Then no need to worry. My name is Miko Ulloa (Mike) I’m a certified Computer Repair Technician from the new york City area that has been servicing computer since late 2001. I have been fixing computer and building then since Windows 98. With lots of years of experience in fixing computer, I have been able to repair computer fast and safely without causing any personal data to be lost on the computer. I do my best with my experience to get your computer up and running on the same day , well that is when parts are no needed , If parts are needed, Then we need to order them online or pick them up at any BestBuy or Staples in the area . This are some of the computer parts that those stores sell.

• Processor for Desktop/Laptop
• Power Supply for Desktop
• Universal Laptop Charger
• Hard Drives for Desktop/Laptop
• CD/dvd Rom for Desktop
• Keyboards for Desktop
• Mouse for Desktop/Laptop

This are a few of the items that could be pick up near my location or yours. So if you are having a issue with your computer, Then feel free to give us a call, We will do our best to let you know right over the phone what may be the issue and what could be done to correct the issue.
For more information about my Computer Repair service in NYC, Feel free to contact us. I’m open 24-7 even on holidays and bad weather.

My Contact Information

Miko Ulloa
35 Fort Washington Ave – Apt 3C
Between 160th – and 161st ST in Manhattan
Tel – 917-508-6047
TEXT/SMS – 347-767-5918

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