J&L Media and Culture Company offers high-level interpretation services for legal, corporate and government meetings, anywhere around the world.

We offer interpretation services for groups- big and small.

We offer interpretations services for individual as well.

J&L Media and Culture Company offers telephonic, video, onsite and simultaneous interpretation services in over 30 languages-excluding rare languages. Our English-Chinese speaking interpreters speak both American English and British English.

Our expert linguists deliver exact live translations that are culturally accurate and preserve the fundamental meaning of the spoken and written word. Plus, all of our interpreter services include a customized engagement model and personalized service.

Consecutive Interpretation: Spoken translation and interpretation services in which the interpreter waits for the end of the originating sentence or statement to deliver the interpretation. Usually these services are used for depositions, trials, and other one-on-one meetings.

Sight Interpretation: Accompany clients to see the sights and translate for them.
Our mission about travelling (interpreting sites, culture, history, and so on) is to create and provide every client with the quality travel experience that fulfills the clients’ needs, desires and dreams.
Our plan is specialized to the client and their budget. We can show you how you can afford to take that vacation you have been wishing for.

Simultaneous Interpretation: Spoken interpreting and translating services given simultaneously for large gathering. It is ideal used for exhibitions, web-conferences, and meetings.

Phone and Video Interpretation:  It is a fast and cost-effective solution when an interpreter is needed on demand.

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