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Published: 28 Agosto



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Joe Movers Expands Their Data Center Relocation services to florida, virginia, california & beyond

Joe Movers, a NYC IT & Data Center moving company recognized for its professionalism and performance, continues to expand their data center relocation services to assist corporations, organizations, and government departments from new york City to Florida as well as points between and beyond those destinations.

Relocating your New York City data center involves much more than most local company moves. Moving large servers is only one step of the overall NY data center moving process and Joe Movers data center relocation experts take extreme care of during each and every step of your NYC data center moving.

Joe Movers experts data center moving team work hand in hand with your IT team and your New York City Data Center Moving Project Managers. Joe Movers experts data center moving team coordinate and communicate with all third-party vendors.

We understand that every server and data center relocation is different such as Internet Data Centers like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook or Corporate Data Centers such as Insurance Companies, Hospital Data Center, Government Data Centers, Municipal Data Centers, Stock Exchange Data Centers and alike.

We can handle any job that you need done—large or small. The most typical relocation involves several racks of equipment—servers, tape drives, data/storage arrays, optical storage units, switches and battery back-ups/UPS units—from your internal data center room or a co-located facility to a new location.

This often involves de-installing rack mounted equipment, moving the entire rack or both.

An ever-increasing number of corporate clients and government officials are choosing Joe Movers, leaders in the IT & data center moving industry, to handle the relocation of their data centers. Whether in the hosting, medical, financial, insurance, or government area, Joe Movers offers a safe and secure way to transfer data centers.


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