Choosing Best Summer Bras

Published: 28 Febrero


As the weather warms up, summer shopping begins. Everyone has a reasonably standard list: new swimsuit, flattering shorts, flirty sundresses, and comfy flip-flops. Yet, as the leaves start to show, it's likely that a little more of your midriff will also begin to show up. 
Summer fashion is light, airy, and tends to show a little more skin. Where winter hides your collarbone and shoulders with turtlenecks, knit sweaters, and various layers, summer offers your skin up for sun kissing with sleeveless shirts, spaghetti straps, and lower cut necklines.

Every woman should invest in necessary items to avoid summer undergarment woes:

· A strapless bra that fits - Invest now in a strapless bra. Even if you never wear strapless dresses, you're bound to come across a top with an unworkable strap situation. Whether it's a wide-neck t-shirt or an asymmetrical formal dress, it's essential to have a strapless bra that offers meaningful support.
· A bra with pretty straps – Sometimes, you try to avoid showing your straps depending on situations. Nonetheless, they'll peek out on their own. Even in fairly modest sleeveless styles, bra straps are often visible from the back. Whether you're someone who doesn't mind showing a lacy strap under a spaghetti strap top, or someone who wants to have an attractive strap "just in case," having a bra with delicate, pretty details and colors can give you peace of mind.
· A plunge bra - If you're planning on wearing any shirts or dresses that have a v-neck or plunging front, it's a good idea to buy a bra that's specifically designed with a plunging front. These bras will offer you excellent support and subtle shaping (available with or without push-up) and have cups that meet at the band, so you don't run the risk of showing more bra than you want.

· Lustrous strap bra - Cover Girl Active's lustrous bras add a bit of shine to your active lifestyle. The halter-style, crisscross back allows you to be fashion-forward while working out or doing casual errands around town. The high compression nylon material offers a perfect balance of stretch and breathability. 

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