How to install Brother wireless printer without CD?
Wireless printers generally use CD to install drivers & printer software on the computers. But what will you do if you lose your installation CD? Well, no need to get worried as you can still install your printer in the simplest way. In this article, we will describing how to install Brother Wireless printer without CD, just check out all steps carefully. And if you get stuck up anywhere during its installation process you can call up Brother Printer Service Number
1. Using USB cable on Windows OS
a. Confirm that your Brother wireless printer is placed closer to your operating system. Actually, various printers come up with short USB cables and because of this problem arising while setting up direct communication between Brother Printer and computer.
b. Ensure that the USB cable that you are using should fit into both ends i.e., one of its ends is connected to Brother Printer and another end is connected to OS. If your Brother printer doesn’t have any USB cable then you have to purchase a USB cable. Check Brother Printer’s model number is being followed by the “USB cable”.
c. In the next step, click the printer’s turn on button and then wait for a minute before proceeding further. After some time, you are prompted to begin printer installation. Just follow on-screen instructions until Brother Printer installation finishes. On the other hand, if printer installation doesn’t begin then continue with this method.
d. Click onto Windows logo that is located on the bottom-left corner of the screen. By doing this, Start menu will be opened.

Once Brother Printer installation complete, it will work appropriately.
2. Download software from manufacturer website
a. You can check the printer’s manual to find out how to install Brother Printer without CD.
b. Once this website loads, go to its top and find Printers section. In that tab, you have to type your printer’s model number and then hit Enter.
c. After finding the printer’s model number, you have to search “Software” download link. Once you find download link for Brother Printer software, press a click on it.
d. Now you are prompt to begin the downloading on your operating system. Then wait for unless the downloading finishes.

If any technical trouble arises while installing Brother Printer without CD then immediately seek Brother Printer Technical Experts advice and sort out all kind of complexities.
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