Are you frustrated with frequent paper jam and poor print quality issues? If yes then read this blog till the end, as it will convey the best methods to avoid paper jams issues.

Make sure you are using correct paper size.
Do not overload the paper tray with the papers.
Clean the paper tray on the regular basis and check its guide mechanism.
Avoid using glossy and non-standard paper for the printer.
Go to the printer setting and select the right configuration as per the printer’s guideline.
Align the paper correctly by tapping the bundle on the table.
Update the printer driver on the regular premise.
In order to counter the poor print quality, follow the below steps precisely.

The average print settings of the printer range from 5 to 20 pages-per-minute (ppm). The print speed significantly impacts the printer quality of your machine. Make sure to set the print speed to the highest quality setting available.
If you want your final printouts packs will good color reproduction and high saturation, you need to decrease the print speed straight away. Similarly, in order to reduce color saturation, you need to increase the print speed.
Brother Printer is a very capable machine which packs with good hardware and software. Under the influence of the low maintenance cycle, you can’t your machine for mediocre performances. Nevertheless, if you have any issues regarding your machine, please dial Brother printer support phone number today.

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